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Meet the team

Meet The Team

Hello I'm Jon,  The owner and operator of The Art of Concrete.  

is the owner and I  will be with you the entire process. . I build and run my company on trust, relationships, and customer satisfaction. When you call The Art of Concrete, you’re working directly with me.  I am with you through the entire process.  I treat all my customers as if it were a friend or family so it’s my commitment to deliver a genuine experience. Our core values are simple:   communication, honesty, and accountability. We believe in fostering transparent and open communication, where ideas flow freely and collaborations thrive. Honesty is our guiding principle, as we uphold integrity in every interaction and transaction. We take pride in being accountable for our actions, consistently delivering on promises and learning from challenges. These core values form the bedrock of our identity, shaping not only our business practices but also the relationships we build with our community, clients, and team members. Together, we cultivate an environment of trust, innovation, and shared success

 So please give us a call so we can make your concrete experience a great one. I look forward to meeting you.

About The Art of Concrete



Get to Know Us

The art of concrete experienced a remarkable evolution when a pioneering business took root in 2006, defying expectations and surmounting formidable challenges. From its inception, the company embraced a unique philosophy, choosing to keep the business deliberately small and simple, yet progressively refining its craft each passing year. This deliberate approach to growth allowed the business to focus on perfecting its techniques and honing its artistic sensibilities. By eschewing the allure of rapid expansion, the company fostered an environment of continuous improvement, turning challenges into opportunities for innovation. As a result, the art of concrete achieved unparalleled heights, not through sheer scale, but through a steadfast commitment to quality and an unwavering dedication to pushing the boundaries of what was once thought impossible. The journey of this business stands as a testament to the transformative power of patience, persistence, and a passion for artistic excellence in the realm of concrete.

Meet The Team

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Vivek Gadhiya

Concrete Laborer & Quaility control

Vivek is an assistant finisher. He is hard working and very friendly.  Vivek is enrolled at Conestoga College. 


His home city is Gujarat, India.  He is Loyal and stands by his promises.

He enjoys reading books and is constantly learning.

Austin Kavelman

Concrete laborer & finisher in training

Austin is an assistant finisher . He is hardworking and has a great sense of humor.  He is enrolled at Conestoga college .


His home city is Kitchener.  He is dependable and a go getter.  When he's not working you can catch him at the gym. 

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